About Me


I moved to Japan in April of 2016.

Prior to moving here, I lived in Philadelphia, where I worked as a Reiki practitioner and a Yoga instructor.

Since moving to Japan, my routine has changed significantly.  I’m working here full-time as a teacher, and I’m not doing Reiki or Yoga professionally.  This doesn’t mean I have given it up, but that I’m stepping back for now, as I move through this transition.

This change hasn’t been an easy one for me, but it has been an interesting one. With this move, I’ve entered a new layer of healing, and I am still working through it.

I have also been working on a memoir about Reiki which is taking a lot longer than I originally anticipated.

Much love and light to anyone stopping by. Thank you!

Amy Vickers

I have a Masters in Integral Health from the California Institute for Human Science, am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga instructor and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

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